Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

I hope all my friends have a safe and Happy Halloween.To all my kitty friends who go outside please be safe some people do mean things to cats during Halloween.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ariel's interview with Dracula

Ariel...Welcome Dracula thanks for this interview.

Dracula...(Lays down on couch)Thanks for having me come closer.

Ariel...Ummm I'm fine right here thanks.You do know you have some blood on your chin.

Dracula..."Ah" Yes does it scare you.

Ariel...(Whispering) No kinnda disgusting really.

Dracula...Mind if I have a drink.

Ariel...Well I really don't like to promote drinking in case kids are reading my blog.Besides what is it ?

Dracula...A bloody Mary or it could be Jane I bitten so many necks lately.

Ariel....Ahhh...Okay.Well this conculdes my interview with Dracula.

Dracula...Is it over already so soon?

Ariel..."Yes" and why is it so dark in here anyway(flicks on the lights)

Dracula..."Ahhh" Noooo!!!!

Ariel...Dacuala did you say something ? Hey who left this big pile of ashes here.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Collar Crazy Mom

Yes mom I do like my new Halloween collar yet ya think you could have picked up some treats.I mean there right next to the collars for heaven's sake.Plus I already have 7 collars sheesh!!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Yes I'm a nip head

Mom....When Ariel was younger she didn't like nip at all.Yet now she loves it and comes running whenever
the catnip is out.She's such a strange kitty.

Ariel...."Duh" I need something after putting up with you all these years.

Monday, October 19, 2009

My mom is a nut

"Boy" is my mom a nut now before you go thinking I'm being to harsh here's my proof....

1. Spends 20 minutes looking for reading glasses that were on top of her head .

2.Thinks she hears someone knocking runs to door and peeks through peek hole yelling who's there....No One!!!!

3.Puts things away then can't find them.

4.Marks things she wants to do on calendar then forgets to do them.

5.Writes letters or buys cards that she says she mailed then finds them in the back of a drawer.

6.Takes photos then realizes there no batteries in the camera.

7,Turns off lights at night then stubs her toe cause now she can't see....So Hysterical

8.Puts salt in her morning tea thinking it was sugar.

9.Spraying her hair with deodorant thinking it was hairspray.

10.Dropping a pushpin on the floor getting mad that she can't find it so she says she'll look for it later.Then she finds it by stepping on it with her bare foot....So funny ahhh....Humans

I could go on and on yet I think you get the idea.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Touchy Trace

Today I'm interviewing one of mom's favorite singer's Trace Adkins.....

Ariel.... Trace welcome to my blog and thanks for the interview.

Trace...(Tips hat) Hello Ariel thanks for having me.

Ariel... So Trace do you mind if I sit on your lap.

Trace... "Na" go ahead make yourself comfortable.

Ariel....(whispering) Bet mom wishes she was me right now.

Trace....Excuse me did you say something,

Ariel...Ummm yes thank you so much for the cute hat how did you know I love the color pink.

Trace....All the pretty lady's like pink and it goes so well with your furs.

Ariel...Your such the gentleman and so handsome.

Trace...Ariel you do know I'm married right?

Ariel...Yes so am I yet Mao doesn't mind he knows he number one in my heart.

Trace... Ariel what's your favorite song of mine.

Ariel...."Oh" that's easy ....And then they do. It always makes me cry.

Trace...(Strokes Ariel's Back) Awww your sweet.

Ariel...(Jumping down quickly) Trace for heaven's sake I told you I'm a married woman!!!!

Trace....(Tipping Hat) Honestly I'm sorry I didn't mean anything (smiles).

Ariel... Well this concludes my interview with Trace Adkins thank you again Trace.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A fun meme

The naughty yet very dashing HurlGrey has
tagged me for a meme.I'm to list six things I like.Hmmm his list was very impressive yet I think I can top it Mwahahahahahahaha... I will admit I'm no angel as my list will show."Yes" I do believe we all have alittle bit of Hurl Grey brewing inside us. So now my list....

1.Hissing and swiping at the back of the neck of the cab driver that drove me and mom to the vet.As mom apologized profusely while pushing me back in my carrier.

2.Biting mom's ankles making them bleed.....I love to play this game yet she doesn't she's no fun.

3,Barfing on mom's shoes this is done when she displeases me which is quite often very affective I highly recommend.

4.Shredding paper toilet,computer,newspaper etc.

5.Whapping her precious nick nacks to the floor.She has so many so annoying so I'm really just making space.

6.Waiting until she falls asleep then standing outside of her bedroom door.Then I meow at the top of my lungs like I'm hurt or something.When mom comes running frantically opening the door. I stare blankly and then turn and run away....Drives her crazy

I tag anyone who would like to play

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Mao on my mind

Thank you mom for the new October header

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Beautiful Art

Aren't these amazing.There all rocks painted by a very artist.If you would like to see more go here....