Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Time Off

Hi Everyone,
After much thought mom has decided not to continue blogging.We want you all to know it's been alot of fun getting to know all of you.Mao I will always carry a place for you in my heart.Love and Hugs ....Ariel

Mom would like to thank you all for your kind words and well wishes.She is still struggling to get well and having great friends really helps.....XOXO Ariel

Update... Mom would like to say thanks for all your concern and well wishes.She's still struggling to cope yet having great friends really helps....Love Ariel

Hello Dear Friends,

I've debated for awhile about this post.As I wanted my blog to be a place you's come to for a smile.Yet I feel I owe it to you my friends a reason for my lessen posts.Mom is going through some very difficult times right now.Both emotionally and medically.She struggling everyday and has found the days very daunting to get through.So I ask you to please bear with us.I don't know right now when we'll be back or if ever.I ask that you keep us in your thoughts and prays....Love Ariel

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Humans have alot to learn

Hi Friends...The following is a reenactment of a conversation I had with mom.

Mom...Ariel please get out of that box so I can throw it away.

Me... Are you crazy there is nothing wrong with this box.It's not tattered or broken now go away!!!

Mom...That's not the point.We have to many boxes and there clutter.

Me..."What"!!! You can never have to many boxes.Why not get rid of those many stupid bears you've collected now that's clutter.

Mom...No that's a cherished collection.

Me...Okay so I collect boxes beautiful boxes!!!!

Mom... Honestly you can't even fit into that one your so fat.

Me....(Narrowing eyes at mom) Look who's talking.

Mom...Well I guess you don't want these treats then. I guess I'll just put the bag right here (places bag on floor and walks away).

Me...(Jumps out box and over to treats and grabbing bag in mouth jumps back in box)You humans have alot to learn.


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Who wants Cheese

Hello Friends,

I've been reading alot of posts lately and have seen the same results over and over.Humans are stingy.So I rented this stand and brought a truck load of cheese(again mom you should be careful where you leave your wallet....Lol). Anyway step right up we have all kinds Muenster,Cheddar, American, etc and for my sweet doggie friends there's sausages.Guess mom's good for something after all.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Silly Sunday

Mom made this over at they have alot of cute templates you can put your photos in.Gives her something to do on a lazy Sunday.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Stingy Mom

Mom.... Ariel come here right now !!!!

Ariel..."What is it" why are you yelling like a nut.

Mom...My bread has kitty nibble marks on it and my cheeto's are wet on the ends

Ariel.... "Hmmmm" Yes it must be the ghosts.

Mom.... Ariel your crazy and what's that orange powder on your mouth.

Ariel.... (Licking mouth) what it's errr .... a new catnip flavored lipgloss.

Mom... Why does your breath smell cheesy ?

Ariel... (Whispering) Why are you a noisy drooly face.

Mom... What did you say?

Ariel....Errr....I love what you 've done with the place.

Mom...Ummm Okay...... yet from now on your to not touch my food.

Ariel.... Did I hear you right please repeat that.

Mom... You heard me don't touch my food.

Ariel....(Laughing) Yooo Boy!!!! Your funny mom .

Mom...Ya think so just watch.

Ariel.... Ahhh Mom where are you going?

Mom... To make a tuna sandwhich and get some more cheetos.

Ariel...(Licking mouth) that sounds delicious. Hey mom where are you going now?

Mom... To my room so I can eat in peace (shuts door to room).

Ariel...Well are'nt we stingy!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, November 2, 2009

This kitty doesn't do clothes

Okay like I've said before I don't like to wear clothes,Costumes,Hats etc.Yet the dumb human insist that I do.So today she went shopping and came back with this contraption and insisted I pose for a photo here's how it went....

Mom... Ariel look what I brought for you today isn't it cute.

Ariel... What are you insane I will never wear that hope you kept your receipt.

Mom...Well let's just try it on for size.

Ariel..."Go Ahead" Yet I honestly think your head is way to big.

Mom...There see (fitting hat on with Velcro strip) you look adorable let me get the camera.

Ariel...(Struggling to get hat off) Are you freaking crazy woman I don't want my friends seeing me in this silly hat.I'm so embarrassed.

Mom...Honestly Ariel your over reacting now open your eyes and look cute.

Ariel....Mom I'm warning you don't take that photo.

Mom...(Snap of camera taking photo) What did you say sweetie.

Ariel....Mom I mean it you'll be sorry.

Mom....Just afew more and I'll give you some treats.

Ariel... A truck load of treats isn't worth this humiliation.

Mom...Okay it's over now let me help you take it off.

Ariel..."Yes" mom do come closer .

Mom...Owww!!! Ariel stop biting my hand that hurts...Ariel!!!!

Ariel....(Biting down hard) Hey I warned you at least now let me try to vaporize you with my lazer eyes.