Thursday, June 9, 2011

Yes we are Okay

Hi Everyone,

Me and mom just wanted to let you know where okay.Just very busy and mom's been dealing
with some difficult issues.Yet we take it one day at a time.No one says life is easy it's not.Sometimes the problems seem endless with no hope in sight.Yet that's when I cuddle up
to mom and ease her pain.Ok mom's turn.....hi Thank you all for continuing to visit our blog as
Ariel has already stated these last few months have been very tiring and hard.Yet she's a big
comfort to me and can easily pick up on my moods.Also having great friends like all of you really helps.I've noticed since we've been gone we gotten some new visitors I would like to take this
time to say Thank You for visiting Ariel's blog.We truly love all our friends :)