Saturday, January 9, 2010

A great book

Hi Everyone,

Me and mom would like to tell you about a great book called Cat Power by Daniel Kirk.It's a book of poems about cats and the illustrations are amazing.Plus there's also a cd with the poems included there all cute poems yet this is mom's favorite...

The Litter box

Panic strikes,
My senses spin.
No longer can I hold it in.
My tail tucked low, my ears aquiver,
beside the bathroom door I shiver
from my whiskers to my socks
the dreaded litter box !

Things are buried there,
I know.
that I expelled
two weeks ago...
and I am not
the kind of critter
to set my paws
in soiled litter.

I may be forced to void my bowels
on carpets,easy chairs ,or towels...
Perhaps i'll be inclined instead
to do my business
on your Bed!
I will not use that box-
Won't someone kindly come and clean it.


Eric and Flynn said...

Haha! We wouldn't use a dirty litterbox either. We are glad to see you back. We hope your mum is doing better now. We send our purrs to her, ( and to you too of course.)

Parker said...

Perfect - and it's so true!!!

Daisy said...

Hi Ariel! That's a funny poem. Sometimes I forget to go potty, and when I remember, I have to RACE as fast as can be to get there in time.

Mickey,Georgia , Tillie said...

ARIEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome back!!!!!! :)
Ahem.... That looks like a pawsome book!!!
We do not like dirty boxex either and we are happy that Mom cleans them every day!! She has to with all of us ;)hahahahahahaha!!!
WE wish you and your Mom a happy,peaceful 2010 too :)

Purrs Mickey, Georgia & Tillie

Siku Marie, White Dog said...

We love the illustrations! Can't relate to the litter box thing but I DO understand needing to go NOW...especially on a long drive.

Amy and The House of Cats said...

hi Ariel Welcome back!! We saw you comment at our site and were very excited to see if you had posted!! We love hearing from you!

Thanks for telling us about the book - and that litterbox poem is hilarious!! I think that is the perfect reminder for all the humans out here!

MaoMao said...

hehe, Sweetiepie!

That sounds like a furry good book, and the poem made my Momma laugh! We hope you and your Momma are doing well, and I love you bunchies!

Love and kisses and cuddlies and purrs from your fureffur hubby MaoMao.

Angel and Kirby said...

That looks like a great book. We are getting om to add it to our list!

Anonymous said...

Oh, that is all quite right!

Hi, Ariel! I am Gandalf, Grayson and Whitey's new baby sister! So nice to meet you!

Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

Written by a cat who's been there, we can tell! Good to see you here again Ariel and mewmie.

JB's Big and Small Worlds said...

Yay, cat power! That looks like a pawsome book!