Friday, September 25, 2009

It's good to be queen

Yes mom I'm the queen,
And this chair is my throne.
No this is not a dream,
Nor am I sick or need a doctor so put down the phone.

Now bow to me "Oh" servant one,
And fetch me temptations right away.
You have many chores before the day is done,
Now listen to what this queen has to say.

I like my water cold with ice,
And my crunchies better not be stale.
Do what I say and I'll be nice,
The queens tasks you must not fail.

Now stop your sighing,
And go make up my bed.
Yes I'm a queen there's no denying,
Yet this crown is hurting my head.


Angel and Kirby said...

Yes, you are the queen today!

Cory said...

Being queen must be awesome!

Cheyenne -Millie said...

We saw you over at Angel and Kirby's blog. Thought we would come on over and say hi!

You make a really pretty queen!

Reese =^..^= said...

You make a lovely queen!

Forever Foster said...

Your requests are all very reasonably, Ariel. And you look lovely in your crown:)

Daisy said...

Ariel, all you need now is a royal scepter!

MaoMao said...

Hi, Sweetiepie!

You are definitely a queen -- and you are the queen of my world! You look so beeyootiful in your crown.

I hope you and yur momma are doin well, and I love you bunchies!

Love and kissies and cuddlies and purrs from Your MaoMao.

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Oh you make such a cute queen!!

The Furry Kids said...

Hee hee! How'd your mom take that poem? ;)